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Understanding Organ Symphony Assistant

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For centuries, composers have written orchestral music that is essentially a showcase piece for a particular instrument.  The orchestra is much like an accompanist for this instrument and it's performer.  The solo part often contains sections with both brilliant displays of technical prowess as well as  more sensitive passages that allow the instrument to sing.  Although titled by many names, these pieces are often called "concertos".

The most popular concerto instrument is the piano next followed by the violin and are commonly found on many concert programs throughout the world.  Almost all musical instruments have had concertos composed for them  (including the harmonica and the bagpipes!).

The organ also has a long history of music written for it and orchestra, although not heard as frequently as repertoire for piano or violin.  Organ Symphony Assistant has been created for just that reason.  You just need to learn the organ part while Organ Symphony Assistant supplies the orchestra. 


On the next few pages, you'll learn more about Organ Symphony Assistant and how you can open the door to this exciting repertoire by, not just listening, but by actually studying, practicing and even performing it from the comfort of your own home or studio!


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