Sonata in C, K. 263
by W. A. Mozart

Mozart’s 17 church sonatas were composed for liturgical use at Salzburg Cathedral between 1772 and 1780. Mozart would have performed them – presumably playing the organ part himself – between the readings of the Epistle and the Gospel during the Solemn Mass.  Sonata in C, K. 263 is marked by a majestic and elevated spirit. According to Einstein, K. 263 belongs to the Organ-solo Mass K. 259 

This setting has both click track and non-click track options. However,  because the orchestra plays continuously, the piece can easily be played without a click track .  Both versions start with two full measures with clicks on beats 1 and 3 (4 clicks) before the orchestra and the organ start together.  The organ part is really no more than a continuo part and is quite easy. The scores that are the basis for the audio files  available for purchase on this website are much larger and longer with more dynamic and tempo nuance.  However, I hope you will take the time to download this delightfully spirited piece and experience the joy of Organ Symphony Assistant!

The two-page free score is a JPG and can easily be downloaded. Below that, you will find the link to the audio file options.