How do I get started with 

Organ Symphony Assistant?



You will first and foremost need access to "classic" pipe or pipe-imitative organ.

Depending on the piece you choose, you will need the corresponding organ score or full score. Many of the pieces are available from online music publishers or downloadable from the IMSLP website.  Please be sure to observe all copyright protection laws when downloading from IMSLP.  Donations to this site are encouraged! When possible, I try to include the organ part or a link on each page that corresponds to the audio file you may be downloading.  It is extremely important that you can play the organ score well enough so that it can be combined with the orchestral part successfully.

Your playback system can be as simple or elaborate as you like. After downloading a file to your computer, you can simply listen to it with headphones or a connected audio system. (IMPORTANT: If you plan on using an iphone or ipad for playback, you still need to download your files to a computer first and then send them, via an Apple app, to your device.)


Organ Symphony Assistant audio files are also designed to be used with more elaborate systems that would include an audio interface and a digital audio workstation (DAW).  This is discussed in more detail on the OSA technical page.

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Still Intrigued?

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