Dupre Cortege et Litanie


Cortège et Litanie
by Marcel Dupré





With this file, you will be able to download both click track and non click track versions.  This piece can be played without a click track.  However, the click track version may be helpful as a study aid.  

You will also find no study notes for this piece.  Other than some subtle tempo changes and very minor ritardandos, the piece is very straightforward.  With any OSA file, it is important to listen to it with your score before attempting to play it.  Because the orchestra enters alone, their is no lead-in measure.

There are no IMSLP or online music store links for this piece as it is typically only available as a rental.  The organ-only version does not work correctly with the orchestral version.  The easiest available way to gain access to the proper organ part is with an app called NKODA (Because this is an e-reader app only, you may want to figure out a way to creatively transcribe the organ part during the free trial period). 

Important:  No files can be returned after purchase.  Please be sure you are choosing the file that you want. If there is a technical problem with your file, please email me.