What People are saying about ORGAN SYMPHONY ASSISTANT!

From a noted New Hampshire area organist:
As a classically trained organist, I am usually skeptical of anything electronic or synthesized in music.  However, after using Laura Belanger's "Organ Symphony Assistant," I have changed my perspective.  This is a new, exciting, wonderful tool for organists.  The system is clear, easy to understand, and has a very realistic effect.  Just think of the possibilities!  We now have the ability to enjoy an important part of the organ repertoire that was out of reach for almost all of us.  I believe that this product can help us attract new audiences, explore different performance venues, and bring organ playing into the 21st century.  I would highly encourage you to try "Organ Symphony Assistant."

From Aarnoud de Groen after recording the Final of the Guilmant Symphonie no. 1 (Go to "Organ Symphony Assistant" at the top of the page and follow the link to "OSA Sample Recordings" to hear performances by Aarnoud de Groen) :
I listened to the last couple of minutes of the Guilmant Final at least five times... What a fantastic sound!!

From the international forum, hosted by, an enthusiast comments on Aarnoud de Groen's performance using the OSA file of the Guilmant Symphonie no. 1:
 A quick comment on your performance tonight, and as usual it sounds great, to put it in other words: fantastic. This piece I have heard numerous times 
and every time I hear it never ceases to amaze me, how I like this piece. Thank you for your performance with the help of Laura Belanger, and 
I would give her some of the credit to for to intertwine the two musical instruments and your playing to keep everything in zinc
(sic) must be difficult enough. Thank you to both of you, you deserve a standing ovation or more.      Sj



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